Minecraft Bedrock Addon Creator

I've been creating Minecraft Bedrock Addons pretty much from the beginning of their introduction (2016). To this day, I've published various Addons on MCPEDL. You can also check out some of the content here. In total, my Minecraft Bedrock content has collected over 5,000,000 downloads across official distribution channels.

In addition to my independent work, I've undertaken numerous commissions, predominantly for private clients. My journey also includes a stint at the Minecraft Marketplace, where I contributed to projects like Waypoint Studios' acclaimed Furniture: Modern Makeover add-on. Then, during 2022 and 2023, I got to work on 2 addons for Blockbytes LLC that created a smaller part of their products. During my enriching summer internship at 5 Frame Studios in 2023, I crafted add-ons for Hacks: Speed Bridge and X-Ray Hacker Base Minecraft Marketplace products. In early 2024, I was privileged to work on Gamefam's World Utilities Add-on, securing its exclusive release as one of the first 19 add-ons on the Minecraft Marketplace.

Notably, at Keystone Builds, I've demonstrated my ability to elevate projects, including transforming a relatively modest endeavor into a complex masterpiece. As I look ahead, I'm actively pursuing a full stake acquisition in one such project this year. Concurrently, I'm engrossed in the development of three add-ons, one map, and five skin packs for the Minecraft Marketplace, showcasing my dedication to innovation in the Minecraft ecosystem.

The ultimate goal of this endeavor is to become an Official Minecraft Marketplace Partner, which I believe I should have achieved a long time ago. Even in 2017 or 2018, my portfolio was stronger than that of many partners who were accepted into the program.

World Utilities Add-on

Minecraft Java Resource & Datapack Creator

I also serve the main resource pack developer role (includes coding, pixel art editing and other server-running related tasks) for Hoplite, FadeCloud and PlayFuse - Minecraft Java server (with Bedrock support). See 100,000 connected players celebration and Survival Season 2 release trailer. So, I'm not able to create packs for Minecraft Bedrock only, but for Minecraft Java as well. Thanks to doing both MC Bedrock and Java development, I'm capable of porting the entire Java resource pack to Bedrock to enable GeyserMC crossplay for both versions of Minecraft without any limitations.

I would describe myself as a general Minecraft mechanic. I can do pretty much anything related to it, including some stuff for plugins like ModelEngine, MythicMobs, DeluxeMenus, etc.

Minecraft Java server logos

Hypixel mining system (Bedrock)

Mcfunction example (Bedrock)

Item count tracking (Java)

Custom blocks server plugin (Java)

3D Model Maker & Artist

As you could see from the addons above, I'm capable of creating 3D models and textures for both versions of Minecraft (Blockbench - models, animations, and textures). You can find some of the models on my Sketchfab account.

I also occasionally create voxel art models in VoxEdit for The Sandbox metaverse.

Low poly model example made in Blender

Trackmania Stadium Car Render of progress

Minecraft card design and animation made in Blender

Minecraft Card Animation

Programmer - education

In fact, I have a high school education in IT, which I am now expanding at university. Therefore, I can code in various languages such as Java (including Android stuff), C#, web languages (such as styles/HTML, CSS, XML, MD), JavaScript, Python, CLI languages such as Batch and Bash, etc. (learning C and C++ currently, SQL, React). In general, the syntaxes of programming languages are very similar, so I can easily transition skills into a new programming language.

Photo & Video Editor

I'm also quite experienced with photo and video editing. After all, the graphics you see produced with my content were all made by me. And for the videos, I edited all the commented videos on my channel and like half of the trailers there: Nogard YouTube channel - if I wasn't involved in editing of the video, I at least directed it.

More Content

The rest can be found on my Twitter. Feel free to contact me if you need more examples of my work. I am looking forward to working with you.

Payment Methods

PayPal (any currency), Wise (any currency), SEPA bank transactions (EUR and CZK) - no fees, SWIFT bank transactions (USD), any crypto, Binance Pay - no fees, Coinbase.

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